The Dublin Difference


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Choose Dublin and Experience the Difference:

  • Over 50 years of metal recycling and servicing experience
  • Dedicated to customer success and productivity
  • Flexible and responsive service
  • We provide a full range of services from metal commodities buying/selling to handling of paper/cardboard, wood and other important recyclables
  • Leading edge technologies, fleet and relentless focus on continuous improvement, and consistently exceeding our customers’ needs

Since 1970, 50 years in business providing top notch customer support, Dublin remains active in high volume scrap metal handling, processing, and all types of recycling services for a variety of different markets. We support manufacturers, distribution, public utilities/power companies, State and County contracts, rock quarries, auto maintenance shops, bus and train depots.

Dublin delivers targeted recycling and scrap solutions, based on research, technically advanced equipment, and individual customer needs. We believe the solutions of tomorrow require a vision of today. In the future, recycling will increasingly hold the key to an environmentally friendly world. Therefore, the power and strength of metal recycling and our desire to grow into vast sectors of the industry will lead us to a higher industry standard.